SC07: Consumer Crypto

SC07: Consumer Crypto

In hot pursuit of a dramatically more interesting internet

Written by Josh Cornelius, Jess Sloss

It’s been 3 years.

What started as some friends exploring social tokens together has grown into a network that has incubated and funded over 200 leading crypto projects. It’s now time to add another batch to that stacked list. 

SC07: Consumer Crypto applications open today.

As we approach SC07, we're more convinced than ever that imaginative consumer crypto experiences are critical to our ecosystem and the internet broadly.

There’s a general dissatisfaction with the current state of our digital lives, and we’re all desperate for more agency and optionality in where we spend our time, invest our money, and connect with others. It’s clear to us that the participatory, permissionless, and open worlds that crypto enables are an antidote.

And we’re finally reaching a technological and cultural tipping point. 

Infrastructure improvements have made it cheap and easy to bring products to market and build high-quality user experiences. We have foundational business models emerging with protocol rewards, transaction fees, memberships, collectibles, and more. And public interest is coming back into the space on improving macro conditions, the halo effects of the ETFs, and of course memecoin mania.  

We’re entering a golden age of crypto startup building where we have the tools we need but the killer consumer products haven’t been built yet. There is immense opportunity in building the defining products of soon to be huge categories.

But the challenges and uncertainties are great. 

Investor appetite is low, users are flaky, positioning is hard to get right, you’re competing for attention with everything else, the list goes on. Navigating these alone can feel impossible at times, and be incredibly isolating. 

We’ve built The Consumer Crypto Accelerator so you don’t have to. It’s an opportunity to tackle these challenges among other visionary founders, the Seed Club core team, and our extensive roster of mentors. 

It’s hard to overstate the power of building alongside others that are also insane enough to be building in consumer crypto right now, and how much faster you can learn when you’re directly exposed to the successes, failures, and insights of other teams. It’s also just way more fun and motivating.

In addition to curating a high caliber group of founders, we have a quickly growing baked-in scene of consumer crypto enthusiasts for you to tap for insights, feedback, testing, and distribution. We’re relentless at creating meaningful contexts for high value people to discover you, whether that’s through our media, events, communities, or products (more on that soon). 

There’s a lot more to the program, and you can find full details here, but a shockingly high-quality group of peers and a stream of passionate fans are the hardest things to acquire so we put a ton of effort into nailing that. 

All this being said, SC07 is not a fit for every product. After 6 batches we have increasing clarity on what defines a great consumer crypto project for Seed Club, and the ones we can be most helpful to. 

We want to work with projects that have onchain distribution, an onchain business model, and are strongly memetic. The ones building something people really want to be a part of and driving onchain transactions that reflect that. 

Within that broad definition, here are some specific things we’d love to see projects exploring:

- Using memecoins as primitives for social products
- Fresh takes on prediction markets
- Everything apps (branded bundled protocols for specific audiences)
- Products for the Farcaster ecosystem
- Products purpose-built for viral ephemeral experiences
- Products unlocked by protocol rewards
- Pushing forward the onchain media distribution ecosystem
- Bringing new types of assets or experiences onchain
- The intersection of AI and onchain experiences
- Games in traditionally unfun categories
- Points lol

We’ll be expanding on these and sharing more in the coming weeks, but they hopefully give you a quick sense of where our interests lie. That being said, nothing gets us more excited than hearing an idea we hadn’t even considered, or an idea we don’t even know how to categorize (honestly, we like these the best). 

We’re all in on the audacious, novel, socially-motivated projects that are trying to make our internet dramatically more interesting. If this is you we really really really want to talk.

Applications are open here until Feb 16th at 11:59 pm PST.

More details on the program.

Have questions? Hit up Josh.