The Consumer Crypto Accelerator

The Consumer Crypto Accelerator

Our accelerator is a 3 month program that brings together founders of weird, novel, and socially-ambitious consumer crypto projects. It's for people obsessed about making our internet dramatically more interesting.

6 Cohorts

150+ Alumni

Since 2020

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The Program

We help you shape your vision and narrative, get a product into market, generate attention, and rapidly learn so you emerge with a passionate fan base and conviction on a path forward. You’ll have the opportunity to navigate the challenges of consumer crypto in close collaboration with the other visionary founders, the Seed Club core team, and our extensive roster of mentors. It's hard to overstate how powerful and motivating this is.


We curate groups of exceptional founders at their earliest stages who are building things we passionately believe in. It’s important that you're not only going after big business opportunities uniquely enabled by crypto, but are also obsessed about the problem you're solving. We want you to work on your idea for decades, not pivot after two weeks. Finding this is rare, so our batches are small.


While economics are of course important, we optimize for working with the most interesting projects so don’t have a standard deal. Accepted teams will receive up to $200k in funding at negotiated terms. We’re comfortable setting terms if we’re the first money in, or participating in an existing round if not.

Our Relationship

Within a few weeks of working together we gain a strong understanding of your vision and are able to support you as highly-informed partners and true fans. Weekly office hours are the heartbeat of our relationship and where we tackle your biggest and most urgent challenges. This has proven to be incredibly valuable to founders.





An Exotic Demonstration

At the end of the program we host a demo day where you’ll present what you’re building to thousands of internet enthusiasts, builders, and investors. Getting you in front of investors is easy – we know them all and it’s their job to talk to you – so we focus on creating a context where many new high-quality fans can discover you. Ironically, seeing people go crazy over what you’re building is irresistible to investors so it also more effectively kicks off fundraising than investor focused demo days do.

After the Program

We’re committed long term partners and our support continues after the program ends. We maintain regular check-ins as needed while you close rounds, build up to a launch, or work towards other important milestones. We also continue promoting your project through ever growing distribution channels, creating great contexts for you to be discovered through our events, and connecting you across our network as we recognize opportunities. We selected your project because we’re obsessed with your vision so we do everything we can to help you succeed.

The Network

Being accepted into the accelerator is an invitation into the heart of a network that a growing number of crypto’s top builders, internet enthusiasts, and investors own and deeply care about. You’ll forever benefit from the attention, connections, and support that comes with that.