You've Reached a Digital Resting Point

You've Reached a Digital Resting Point

This was supposed to be a thesis post.

Written by Jess Sloss with deep collaboration from Josh Cornelius. Editing by Steph Alinsug.

Not only are you building in crypto, which most of the world either thinks is dead or continues to be an elaborate ponzi.

But you have your sights set on consumers, which even most crypto people think we’re not ready for.

The easy money is gone, and the hard money is off chasing “safe” infrastructure bets.

Yet you’re here.

We’re sure you often ask yourself, “Why?” You’re looking for that bedrock conviction that provides you with solid enough ground to continue pushing off of.

We do too, and we keep finding it.

Today’s internet is a boring, sterile place. It’s Disneyland instead of the New York City or the Tokyo we all want and need. Actually no, that’s still generous. It’s more like Walmartland.

This isn’t anyone’s fault, it’s what the business models and legacy infrastructure have demanded. It’s the natural end state of immense network effects, walled gardens, and ad-based monetization.

Our options for creating value on the internet have been severely constrained, but luckily nothing about the internet is fixed or permanent.

Blockchains are blowing these constraints open. We have shared data layers, open infrastructure, and internet-native property rights that are unlocking wild new possibilities.

We desperately want the internet to be interesting and magical again, and have emergent tools that are hinting at new business models, organizing structures, and ways of existing online.

And, unlike past cycles, we have real consumer demand for novel digital experiences.

So what the heck else could we possibly be doing other than exploring this frontier?

This was supposed to be a thesis post outlining our conviction for the consumer crypto space.

But evidently it turned into more of a rallying cry.

You’re crazy to be here building, and you’re not alone.

We think there’s near infinite opportunity to lean into the weird and optimistic spaces at the intersection of blockchains, tokens, culture, and community.

Most people, builders, and investors are missing something obvious.

But you see it. We see it.

Crypto is about to have its consumer moment.