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We’re creating a future where community-owned networks are the most powerful organizations on the planet.

Holders of at least 10 $CLUB gain access to discord, events, educational content, contribution opportunities, and governance.

Join the Accelerator

The Accelerator connects DAO builders with the most innovative thinkers and operators in web3. We work intensively with you over the 12 week program to refine your plans and prepare you for your capital and community formation milestones. The program culminates with Demo Day, where you get to present your project to 1,000+ prospective contributors and community members.

We’ve run four successful cohorts to date, and currently support 60+ alumni DAOs. Our next cohort SC05 kicks off mid-September.

“[The Accelerator] increased our confidence and ultimately let us get through hurdles that felt formidable.”

Yancey Strickler,
CoFounder of Metalabel

“We believe Seed Club-- through the community they've built, their incredible people and their work to date-- will be on the forefront of pioneering the best ways to build these organizations of the future.”

Jarrod Dicker,
General Partner at TCG Crypto

“Web3 is a social and community technology -- and there is no stronger team thinking about the products, pain points, and potential of web3 communities than Seed Club.”

Derek Edward Schloss,
Partner at Collab + Currency

“We were changed and moved by the Accelerator. It really shaped what Boys Club is today in a fundamental way.”

Deana Burke,
Co-Founder of Boys Club

Our Alumni DAOs

A few times a year, we gather promising teams building the next great community-owned networks. Over the course of 12 weeks, builders learn with the most innovative thinkers and operators in web3.

Strategic Contributors

We’re proud to partner with a roster of world-class Strategic Contributors including

“What we need is rapid and focused experimentation, informed by an engaged and growing community of practitioners. Seed Club is exactly that. USV is thrilled to support the Seed Club community as it pursues this important and transformative work.”

Nick Grossman,
General Partner at Union Square Ventures

Club Podcast

Conversations from the intersection of Community and Web3.

Club Podcast
Club Podcast
Club Podcast
Club Podcast

Club Digest

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The Latest from Club Press

Club Press broadcast the leading meta of community-owned networks.

It’s Time to F*cking Thoughtfully Go

What’s the German word for the unshakable suspicion that you’re standing on the threshold of something transformative? The sense that if you gather the right people in the right place at the right time, something incredible might emerge?

This is that moment.

Many of us arrive at this moment wrung out by the pursuit of escape velocity. Web2 prioritized explosive growth at the expense of users. Centralized brands extracted our collective brilliance for the sake of their balance sheets. Social network monoliths captured our attention while robbing us of our creative agency. The gig economy broke us.

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Seed Club Welcomes New Strategic Partners

The web is in crisis. The value created by communities on the internet is currently captured by platforms – and we believe this is a failure of the web. Web2 social unlocked unprecedented connectivity, but this came at the expense of our digital agency. We were forced to surrender our value in exchange for distribution.

We believe a brighter future is possible, where people, creators, and builders maintain ownership over the value they generate digitally. Web3 enables this alternative future through composable building blocks that unlock limitless possibilities for networks owned by the community that builds them. Yet we have work to do to discover the full potential of this novel technology, and to ensure that we don’t inadvertently recreate the wrongs of web2.

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Community Philosophy

The success of web3 projects will be measured by the depth of their community – which is why robust community is a critical component of the Seed Club flywheel.

Community is how we cultivate trust within a trustless system, and it’s how project teams persist through any market condition.

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Our Collaborators form an unmatched network of web3 innovators, including

Kristen Stone (Iris Rising), Jacob Horne (Zora), Trevor McFedries (Brud), Cooper Turley (Fire Eyes), Stani (Aave/Lens Protocol), Denis Nazarov (Mirror), Scott Moore (Gitcoin), Pri Desai (Tribute Labs), Patrick Rivera (Mirror), Packy McCormick (Not Boring), Alex Zhang (FWB), Andre Anjos ($RAC), Daniel Maegaard (SeedPhrase), Matthew Ferrick (NiftyGateway), Reuben Bramanathan (IDEO CoLab), Pet3r Pan (1kx), James Young (Collabland), Brian Flynn (Rabbit Hole), Carlos Gomes (Forefront), Gmoney, (Admit One), Brett Shear (Palm Tree Crew), Seth Goldstein (Bright Moments Gallery)

Work for a DAO


Founding Engineer

Paragraph is a web3-native publishing & newsletter platform that provides creators with new and innovative ways of building communities, connecting with their audience, and monetizing their content.

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Product Manager

RefractionDAO requires a lead to organize and manage Community operations across the dedicated team, guild leads, membership base, partners, affiliated DAOs, and in-house product development team.

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Founding Engineer

We’re looking for a **Frontend Engineer** with a broad experience to help build and maintain our user-facing platform. This role has the potential for growing into an exciting CTO role.

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Head of Growth & Marketing

We're looking for someone that'snot afraid to set ambitious goals and clearly communicate what's needed to achieve them. You'll have full autonomy over our growth and marketing strategies.

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Backend Engineer

We’re looking for a senior Backend Engineer who has experience indexing blockchain data, interacting with external APIs and improving overall performance.

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React Native Engineer

We’re looking for an experienced React Native Engineer to help build and maintain our mobile apps on iOS and Android. This is an opportunity to shape these apps from the ground up.

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