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Collaborators at Seed Club

Seed Club Collaborators are a group of high insight individuals that support the success of Seed Club builders. This network of Collaborators and builders is the core of Seed Club’s community. New collaborator opportunities open at regular intervals, primarily timed to coincide with Accelerator cohorts and other key initiatives.

Collaborators support Seed Club’s Contributors and/or Steward Teams with specific initiatives -and/or- support builders in Seed Club’s Accelerator and Cultivation.

Collaborator Elligibility

A Collaborator is someone who has demonstrated engagement and interest in Seed Club, whether through contributions of resources, connections, advice or time, and is ready to take their involvement to the next level.

  • - Required referral from within the Seed Club core community
  • - Demonstrated engagement and interest in Seed Club, and
  • - Alignment with Seed Club’s shared values and code of conduct
  • - Proof of specific expertise:
    • - experience building successful business and communities in web3 and beyond
    • - commitment to consistent engagement
    • - experience guiding and advising founders or teams.

Strategic Partners formally become Collaborators by signaling their interest through an intake form, to provide preferred contact information, availability and how to book time, as well as special skill sets and topical expertise.

Alumni and $CLUB holders must fill out an application, which is reviewed by the Seed Club team at regular intervals which align with Accelerator cohorts. As the process further develops, selection will be opened and scaled to include input from a segment of collaborators, as a sector of core community members.

Collaborators should have the following qualifications:

  • - Proof of Experience
  • - Proof of Expertise
  • - Demonstrated Commitment to Seed Club
  • - Proven Support of Seed Club Builders
  • - Alignment with Seed Club Values and Code of Conduct.

* * * If you have been invited to apply to become a Collaborator, it means you qualify. You can also signal your interest in becoming a Collaborator through this application. * * *

Collaborator Compensation and Recognition

The signal and prestige of the Seed Club Collaborator role is inherently valuable, and will be expanded on as far as additional access and opportunities it is afforded.

For deeper contributions, especially those within specific working groups, or as part of Accelerator cohorts, Collaborator contributions will be recognized through $CLUB distributions, often allocated based on collective participant decisions. Collaborators will also be able to connect with each other, making connections and finding collaboration opportunities within this curated group. Finally, the exposure to the most cutting edge problems, experiments and solutions in web3 is incredibly sought after, and one that Seed Club is uniquely positioned to provide.

Collaborator Responsibility

Seed Club expects that Strategic Partners will participate on a long-term timeline that is aligned with their contributions of resources. Their participation may vary depending on their bandwidth and capacity, as well as their specific expertise.

Alumni and $CLUB holders hold the Collaborator title for a set cohort, or a 12-month period of time. Assuming active and positive contributions, they are eligible to continue for future periods, and are also given the opportunity to step back based on bandwidth.

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